Las Américas Title offers the following services:

▪ Title Insurance: Provides a financially backed indemnity as to the legal status of the title from a U.S. Insurer with strong financial backing.

▪ Escrows of Documents and Funds (in either U.S. Dollars or Dominican Pesos): Ensures (1) that payments are executed with the approval of all parties involved; and (2) that documents remain in the custody of a neutral third party and are only released upon approval of the parties to the transaction.

▪ Surveys: Coordinate surveys to reveal any boundaries, encroachments, easements and access roads or other such off-record matters affecting the property.

▪ Appraisals: Provides objective evidence pricing and valuation of the property and the existence of improvements, easements and parties in possession.

▪ Constitution of Local and Off-Shore Corporations: We provide local and Off-Shore Corporations, Incorporated or to be Incorporated, with the name required by the client, under local, Panamanian or B.V.I. law, as well as their maintenance services. We also offer additional services such as, authentication of copies, “Good Standing” certificates, Proxies, Apostilles, among others.

▪ Procedure to obtain permits for the classification under Law 158-01 of Tourism Incentive and 28-01 of Frontier Development.

▪ Certifications of exemption from the IRS, as a result of classification under Law 158-01 of Tourism Incentive and 28-01 of Frontier Development.

▪ Closings
: Collects funds from the parties involved, prepares contracts, and takes all necessary steps to insure title documentation is complete and ready to be filed before the corresponding Title Registry and withdraws the Certificate of Titles product of these transfers. Additional capabilities include legalization of documents with Foreign Relation Office; registering companies with the Chamber of Commerce and Merchant Registry; segregations, subdivisions and mergers; process of Constitution of Condo Regimes and filing follow up and withdrawal of Mortgage Cancellations.

▪ Outsourcing: Relies upon competent and reliable resources for payment of taxes, deposits and all necessary steps to file sales, liens and cancellations before the corresponding Registry of Titles.



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